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| [[Datei: 1769.gif]] || 100 || Deluxe Edition Two Tones - Germany || [[Datei:cmsb.jpg|300px]] || [[]] || 01/2008
| [[Datei: 1769.gif]] || 100 || Deluxe Edition Two Tones - Germany || [[Datei:cmsb.jpg|300px]] || [[]] || 01/2008
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| [[Datei: 1769.gif]] || 23 || Ultra Special Edition || [[Datei:Bildschirmfoto_2017-01-24_um_14.34.59.png|300px]] || castlecoinsandpins || 01/2008
| [[Datei: 1769.gif]] || 50 || Ultra Special Edition || [[Datei:Bildschirmfoto_2017-01-24_um_14.34.59.png|300px]] || castlecoinsandpins || 01/2008
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Beschreibung/About the coin

Deutsch 3329.gif

English 3332.gif

I decided to get my new personal geocoin out early to celebrate my 2nd anniversary as a Geocacher (Jan 3, 2006).
I found my 3600th cache during a trip to Las Vegas in early January and hid my 217th cache on the Nevada/California border during the same trip.
I also released my 300th traveler on the trip.

So, lots of milestones hit, and this year I wanted a coin with as much glitz as possible to celebrate the fun and enjoyment that geocaching and geocoins have given to me.
I personally designed this coin using my actual family crest and coat of arms from Ireland with a few of my own special modifications on the shield and the name crest.
On the opposite side I drew out a castle using different German Castles as a reference and then added some traditional Celtic designs and enhancements.
So, I hope I captured a balance of my heritage (½ Irish, ½ German) in this geocoin.
The castle side is minted in 3-D with incredible details and a hard enamel finish on the outer ring.
The opposite side (family crest) is also in full detailed hard enamel with a textured background bringing out every intricate detail of the design.

I minted 6 different editions:
(Antique Gold, Antique Nickel, NORTH AMERICAN CUSTOMER Only Black Nickel, Nickel LE (50 minted),
Gold LE (50 minted) and a special EUROPEAN CUSTOMER ONLY Antique Copper edition).

Every coin is trackable at and comes with 2 unique icons.
The European ONLY edition will come with a Purple Velvet Pouch as a bonus.
The European ONLY and North American ONLY editions are LIMITED to ONE per customer as are the LE Editions.
I have never minted geographical specific geocoins before but since trading seems to be such a popular part of our coin sport
I hope this will help you all get some good trading going back and forth across the pond.


  • Größe/Size: Ø 44,5 mm (1 3/4 inches)
  • Dicke/Thickness: 3,5 mm
  • Gewicht/Weight: g
  • Präfix/Prefix: CM
  • Form/Shape: rund/round
  • Prägung/Minting: 3D (front)/2D (back)
  • Farbe/Filling:
  • Vorderseite/Front:
  • Rückseite/Back:
  • Besonderheit/Special feature:
  • Information/Information:
  • Idee/Idea:
  • Registrierte Trackingcodes/Total tracking codes:
  • Groundspeak Icon-Nummer/Icon number: 1769
  • Trackbar/Trackable auf mit eigenem Icon/own unique icon 1769.gif und Mini-Icon/micro icon 1769k.gif


Icon Auflage Edition Bild Shop Veröffentlicht
1769.gif k.a. RE: (Antique Gold & Antique Nickel) cm2.jpg castlecoinsandpins 01/2008
1769.gif 50 LE (50 of each minted): (Gold & Nickel) cm4.jpg castlecoinsandpins 01/2008
1769.gif 50 NORTH AMERICA ONLY Edition (Black Nickel) cm5.jpg castlecoinsandpins 01/2008
1769.gif 50 EUROPE/AUS/NZ ONLY Edition (Antique Copper) cm6.jpg castlecoinsandpins 01/2008
1769.gif 50 -- cm1.jpg castlecoinsandpins 01/2008
1769.gif 50 -- cm3.jpg castlecoinsandpins 01/2008
1769.gif 100 Deluxe Edition Two Tones - Germany cmsb.jpg 01/2008
1769.gif 50 Ultra Special Edition Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-24 um 14.34.59.png castlecoinsandpins 01/2008