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Beschreibung/About the coin

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Strombus quoted: This is the first personal geocoin in Hungary.

"I have been dreaming of having my personal geocoin for years. But what should be on it? Finally during the Christmas break I came up with the design with the help of my children. We first tried it out on a pathtag (drawn by Márton24), and then we pulled our courage and resources together, came up with the picture for the back and with the help of Brittany Lagan from Coins and Pins, we created the coin!

The theme: a 15th century round bastion (barbican) of the city wall of Pécs.

As I cannot draw well, the design started out with two photos. The one on the front I took many winters ago with my children and geocacher buddies, the then 4 and 2 year old Márton24 and Bojta on it. For the backside I found a photo on the internet. I used Photoshop to turn the photos into drawings and then Bojta drew himself and his brother there. So it is the back and forth view of the same structure and the same children.

When I designed this coin I thought this would be my one and only, so I wanted to make sure it has every feature I like in a coin: it depicts my home town (where my family has been living and walking through these arches since the 17th century), and my children. It is trackable and each has a serial number. The tracking code starts with HU, for Hungary, and it has its own icon." Strombus


  • Größe/Size: Ø 44,5 mm (1 3/4 inches)
  • Dicke/Thickness: 3,5 mm
  • Gewicht/Weight: 39 g
  • Präfix/Prefix: HU
  • Form/Shape: rund/round
  • Prägung/Minting: 2D
  • Farbe/Filling:
  • Vorderseite/Front:
  • Rückseite/Back:
  • Idee/Idea: Strombus with the help of Márton24 and Bojta
  • Registrierte Trackingcodes/Total tracking codes: 100
  • Groundspeak Icon-Nummer/Icon number: 6942
  • Trackbar/Trackable auf mit eigenem Icon/own unique icon 6942.gif und Mini-Icon/micro icon 6942k.gif


Icon Auflage Bild Metallfarbe Farbe Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
6942.gif 60 Barbakán Brown Winter.gif Nickel braun Brown Winter LE Strombus with the help of Márton24 and Bojta Strombus 03/2014
6942.gif 40 Barbakán Mediterranean Winter.gif Gold lachs Mediterranean Winter XLE Strombus with the help of Márton24 and Bojta Strombus 03/2014


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Photos by Strombus
Photos by Strombus
Photos by Strombus
Photos by Strombus
Photos by Strombus