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Tycho Brahe was a noted scientist who helped define early astronomy, navigation, and other fields of study. Even though some of his theories were found to be incorrect when more modern methods were discovered, he still left behind beautiful works of scientific art. This kind of art is long lost in today's technical world. The coin is a 3-D rendition of one of his navigation charts. The coin consist of two opposing spinning rings and a round spinning globe. The texture was designed to give the coin an old world look and feel. This coin concept was brought to us by the geocacher dimkasmir.


  • Größe: ca. 50 mm Durchmesser
  • Dicke: 15 mm
  • Präfix: CP
  • Registrierte Codes: 839
  • trackbar bei mit eigenem Icon.


Icon Auflage Bild Metallfarbe Farbe Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
2456.gif  ?? ABro.jpg Antik Bronze keine Farbe  ?? dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif  ?? Kein Bild.png Antik Bronze/Black Farbe (z.B. rot)  ?? dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif  ?? asil.jpg Antik Silver keine Farbe  ?? dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif 29 Kein Bild.png Antik Silver/Antik Gold/Antik Copper  ??  ?? dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif 25 solar.jpg Black Nickel Orange Solar dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif 25 brahe mars-1.jpg Gold Rot Mars dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif 25 brahe neptune.jpg Antik Silber Blau Neptune dimkasmir 07/2010
2456.gif 25 lunar.jpg Kupfer Schwarz Lunar dimkasmir 07/2010

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Photos by Quelle