Compass Rose Geocoin 2006

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Beschreibung/About the coin

Deutsch 3329.gif

Ausgestattet mit einer Kompassrose mit spanischen Ursprung aus dem späten 15ten Jahrhundert.

English 3332.gif

Featuring a compass rose of Spanish origin from the late 1500s. This is an elaborate design. Details of the images in the compass points were created to be under the translucent colors. This was the first time translucent colors and the underlying design effect was used on geocoins and it started a new trend influencing many future geocoins which used translucent colors. We added the colored ring around the compass rose to add more detail and give it more of a nautical look. The colored ring features an underlying texture design which reflects light in a unique pattern.

The backside uses the standard full color logo, but this time we moved the custom etching area from the front to the backside so people can personalize their coins.


Icon-Nummer Icon Auflage Bild Front/Back Version Edition-Name Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
186 186.gif K.A. folgt Polished Nickel Regular RE Coins and Pins 2006
517 517.gif 900 folgt Polished Gold Gold LE Coins and Pins 2006