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Beschreibung/About the coin

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Gold Edition

I am proposing to hold a draw for a Gold EU geocoin. There are only six of these coins in existence one of which was given to the New York Geocaching Association (coin 0911) for them to use to raise funds for a deserving cause in their area. One other Gold EU coin is to be given to geocachers in Germany for a similar purpose. The coin that is the prize for the draw is numbered 0003



  • Größe/Size: Ø mm
  • Dicke/Thickness: 3 mm
  • Gewicht/Weight: g
  • Präfix/Prefix: EU
  • Form/Shape: rund/round
  • Prägung/Minting: 2D
  • Farbe/Filling:
  • Vorderseite/Front:
  • Rückseite/Back:
  • Besonderheit/Special feature:
  • Information/Information:
  • Idee/Idea:
  • Registrierte Trackingcodes/Total tracking codes: 2000 (1200 + 800)
  • Groundspeak Icon-Nummer/Icon number: 157
  • Trackbar/Trackable auf mit eigenem Icon/own unique icon 157.gif und Mini-Icon/micro icon 157k.gif


Icon Edition/Auflage Bild Metallfarbe Farbe Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
157.gif RE 1994 eu.jpg Nickel Gelb, Grün, Blau, orange  ?? gccoins 2005
157.gif XLE 6 Gold  ?  ?? gccoins 2005


EU, Europa, 2005, Geocoin