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Congratulations! You've discovered the Geocaching HQ Legal Team trackable document. Most people aren't normally so excited to discover the documents we write, so we really appreciate you taking the time to discover ours. We are the legal team from Groundspeak (aka Geocaching HQ) and we are responsible for the creation of most (probably all) of the legal documents on the website and mobile apps (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, API License Agreement, Logo Usage Policy, End User License Agreements, and more). Our goal is to balance the needs of an operating corporation with great intentions, global community of (awesome) geocachers and an extensive list of global laws, rules and regulations that apply to all of us. Most people wouldn't consider this job to be fun, but we're not really like most people and we consider it an honor to serve the global geocaching community along with the rest of the Geocaching HQ Staff...


  • Größe: ca. ?? mm Durchmesser
  • Dicke: 3 mm
  • Päfix: HQ
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Lackey, HQ, Seattle, Geocoin