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One of our most ambitious coins ever. Designed by Mr. Chris Mackey, this has been in the pipe for a long time. We finally decided to "go with it" for the December 2008 coin. The result is a full wrap-around 3D coin. When

you look at the edge on this coin, you do not see a flat edged - you see the spine which is part of the design from the top down.

This coin has an impressive 9mm full thickness to give the spun-cast 3D incredible depth. If you like to hold coins in your hand - you have never felt one like this! Every part of it screams out to be touched.



  • 44mm Durchmesser
  • 9mm dick
  • Gewicht: -- g
  • Präfix: --
  • 3D auf allen Seiten
  • trackbar bei mit eigenem Icon
  • Registrierte Codes: 1385
  • Grafiknummer des Icons: 2571
  • Icon 2571.gif Mini-Icon:Icon 2571k.gif


Icon Auflage Metallfarbe Farbe Edition-Name Bild Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
2571.gif -- Antik Silber rot Regular
RE Chris Mackey 2008
2571.gif 20 Antik Gold rot Gold No Fear
AE Chris Mackey 2008
2571.gif 75 Antik Kupfer blau Special Edition
SE Chris Mackey 2008


Gebeine Totenkopf Gerippe Fear