Jupp Nümms Dirtbag Coin

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Jupp Nümms Dirtbag Coin

This geocoin was designed by Chris Mackey. Its main themes are nostalgia, traditionalism and local (Münsterland/Westfalen/Germany) history.

Front side: You see a bearded version of a Kiepenkerl, the most iconic figure in my region in terms of tradition. Many things are still named after this travelling vendor. And there are multiple statues, the most “famous” one in Münster. He seems to be on his way to start a longer journey on a road lined with oak trees. In their foliage you see the motto „Fernste Frühe ist dem Herzen nah.“ A quote from one of my favourite bands „Heimdalls Wacht“ whose songs also have the same theme as this coin. It does not translate to English smoothly. Something in the vein of “The earliest mornings are dearest to the heart” maybe. With the exception that “fernste” can on one hand mean a most distant point in time but also a distant place. There is much room for interpretation.

In the background you also see the typical architecture of the rural buildings of the last century. Agriculture was (and still is) an important part of my area. Also you see a megalithic grave. History doesn't end where Christianity wants you to think it ends. Some pagan prehistoric glimpses pop up here and there. The Kiepenkerl can also be interpreted as Odin the Wanderer with his two ravens Hugin and Munin flying in the far back.

On the bottom you see my alias Jupp Nümms. A name with roots in „plattdeutsch“, a nearly extinct old dialect of my area. Around you see hops and barley, a hint to another tradition dear to me.

Of course, my favourite animal had to make an appearance as well. Let me know, if you find the little furry friend you may recognise from my Ratatoskr Geocoin!

Back side: This side is dedicated to the Dirtbag Geocaching Society, in which I recently became a proud member. But with a little local touch to it.

The typical skull and bones iconography is altered be replacing the human skull with a horse skull. You can also see two horses in the background. The white horse „Westfalenross“ is the heraldic animal of Westfalen. It derives from a tribal symbol of the ancient Saxons, the Germanic tribe, which settled in my area centuries ago. The runes on the side of the skull come from that ancient times as well. They are Raido (for journey/traveller) and Algiz (for protection). You may notice that the runes are layered three times (arving a rune three times magnifying its potency). There are also 5 times 3 dots on the edge of the motif, spaced to form a pentagram if you connected those with lines. This is also a hint to the Waldgeist, who wants to be appeased by the knocking on wood three times for good luck. Superstition often is where ancient tradition and beliefs survive in our modern age.

On the bottom it reads „Drietebüel ut Westphaolen“ which translates to Dirtbag from Westfalen, again in plattdeutsch.

Lastly you can spot two symbols in the background. The Sunwheel and the Leviathan's Cross. The Sunwheel is a symbol that has been used again and again throughout history as a marker of independence in advancement and has been used a signature of new direction and free thought.  It's also one of the oldest historical symbols ever established in northern Europe dating back to the stone age and early survivalism eras. The Leviathan Cross is a sign of free choice, it can also be seen as a stroke-through "equal-to" to show that every person has their own life. Both symbols are markers of people who aren't afraid to stand on their own and blaze their own path.


  • Size: Ø 55 mm
  • Thickness: 8 mm  
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Prefix: JN
  • Shape: round
  • Minting: 3D  
  • Idea: Jupp_Nümms (once St.Jocosa)
  • Design: Chris Mackey
  • Total tracking codes: 144
  • Icon number: 12348
  • Trackable at geocaching.com with own unique icon JNDGSbig.jpeg and micro icon JNDGSsmall.jpeg


Icon 32*32 Icon 16*16 Auflage metal colour edition name front back edition shop published
JNDGSbig.jpeg JNDGSsmall.jpeg 111 Antique Silver white (glow in the dark) Antique Silver [[]] [[]] RE personal trade 2021
JNDGSbig.jpeg JNDGSsmall.jpeg 33 Antique Copper dark green/blood red Antique Copper [[]] [[]] FO friends only 2021