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This Mission GC Geo-Achievement® geocoin is designed for you to commemorate your participation with the top secret Mission GC Events, or to use as a gift for your friends and family. Use the included matching lapel pin to show off at other geocaching events! The spinning decoding theme of this coin matches with that of Mission GC. It also depicts a fingerprint scanner over the top of a blue and green circuit board with binary code. It is perfect for those who like to find and decode secret messages. Challenge your friends and family to see if they can decipher it!
Quelle: coinsandpins.com


  • Größe: 44 mm, 1,75"
  • Dicke/Thickness: 5 mm
  • Gewicht/Weight: 43 g
  • Präfix/Prefix: AC
  • Form/Shape: rund
  • Prägung/Minting: 2D
  • Farbe/Filling: Translucent hard enamel
  • Vorderseite/Front: Fingerabdruck
  • Rückseite/Back: 2 jubelnde Cacher
  • Besonderheit: drehbar, incl. Pin
  • Registrierte Trackingcodes/Total trackingcodes record:
  • Groundspeak Icon-Nummer/Icon number: 9177
  • Trackbar/Trackable auf geocaching.com mit eigenem Icon/own unique icon 9177.gif und Mini-Icon/micro icon 9177k.gif


Icon Auflage Metall Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
9177.gif  ?? 24 karat poliertes Gold --  ?? coinsandpins.com 09/2016


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