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We started caching in Germany in February 2007. After two and a half years of discovering Europe one cache at a time, we came back to the USA in the summer of 2009. Since then we've lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Montgomery, Alabama, and we currently call Medicine Park, Oklahoma, home.

Our overall goal is to go out, explore new places, and have fun. We don't revisit caches to add to our "find" totals, and we don't do armchair caches -- the thrill is in the chase, right? If we logged a cache, we were there. (Sometimes we'll take some nice photos to show it, as Christian is a bit of a shutterbug.)

We added a third cacher to team hzoi in August 2013, she already has her first find and we're looking forward to the day when she can retrieve those hard to reach containers. Until then, we may find ourselves slowing down a bit, but it can't always be about the numbers, can it?

For some nifty stats and maps, see below. It's not really about the numbers, but stats are kind of cool to a certain extent. Some are below, and others are on the new stat page (click the tab above). Enjoy!


  • Größe: ?? mm
  • Dicke: 3 mm
  • Gewicht: 35 g
  • Präfix: HG
  • Trackbar bei geocaching.com mit eigenem Icon


Icon Auflage Metallfarbe Farbe Designer Edition Shop Veröffentlicht
2598.gif 200 Gold blau / schwarz / weiß / gelb  ??? RE Hogwildstuff 2009
2598.gif 50 Silver blau / schwarz / weiß / gelb  ??? LE Hogwildstuff 2009


re01.jpg le01.jpg