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Beschreibung/About the coin

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Eine Moun10Bike Geocoin war die erste Geocoin, die im Jahr 2001 erschaffen und in einen Cache ausgesetzt worden ist. Es gibt mittlerweile 6 Versionen dieser Coin (Stand: 09/2019). Dadurch, dass diese Geocoin die weltweite erste Geocoin war, hat sie und Ihr Erfinder Moun10Bike weltweiten Kultstatus erreicht. Die Moun10Bike Geocoins werden nur durch den Owner Moun10Bike herausgegeben, zumeist im Tausch oder als Geschenk. Sie werden nicht verkauft und dürfen auch in der weiteren Verwendung nicht verkauft werden. Alle Moun10Bike Geocoins sind auf den Owner Moun10Bike aktiviert. Man kann sie nur grabben und in seine Sammlung einfügen. Die Ownerschaft wird allerdings nicht übertragen.

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Beschreibung der Editionen/About the editions

Bisher sind sechs Edition gemünzt worden.
Dazu schreibt Moun10Bike auf seiner Seite [[1]] folgendes:

Edition - V1 - 2001

Vorderseite Rückseite
22 V1Front.png 22 V1Back.png

"This is the one that started it all - the world's first geocoin. The idea came about as I was looking for a special signature item to create for my upcoming 100th cache find. A fellow geocacher turned me on to military challenge coins and they seemed ideal for a signature item - durable, easy to carry, and unique. I did some research and found out that there were a number of places on the Web that could mint custom coins. I sent my design idea to D&R Military Specialties and before long had my first batch of 100 coins in hand. On September 30, 2001, I set out with Jeremy to hunt down what is still to this day one of my most memorable caches, Light House Point (GC126C). As planned, I placed the first of the coins - #002 - into this cache to celebrate my milestone. Jeremy was just in the process of unveiling Travel Bugs on and graciously offered to track the coins on the website using the numbers that were engraved in the coins.

I had a second batch of version 1 coins minted about a year later (numbers 101-200). By then I had been contacted by several individuals wanting to mint their own coins and to help them with costs I made the design I had created for the coin reverse available to all who wanted to use it. That's why you will see several geocoins from this era using this design."

Edition - v2 - 2004

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22 V2Front.png 22 V2Back.png

Dazu schreibt Moun10Bike auf seiner Seite [[2]] Folgendes:

"As I began running out of version 1 geocoins I realized that I needed to redesign them. Not only was I starting to find the version 1 design boring, but the reverse that I created was a violation of the logo usage rules (I had altered the logo by reconfiguring it to work more cleanly on the round surface of a coin). The redesign led to the coin that you see above. The reverse displays the view across Priest Lake (my favorite place in the world) toward Chimney Rock, Mount Roothaan and the heart of the Selkirk Crest that rise above the lake's eastern shore. This coin design also featured the first of what would become a tradition on Moun10Bike Geocoins - a hidden code that would reveal the location of a special geocache.

These geocoins were again minted by D&R Military Specialties and the first one was released February 21, 2004 in my "Moun10Bike Maze Multicache" (GCH6R6). They were minted in a single batch of 200 numbered from 201 through 400."

Edition - v.3 - 2005

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22 V3Front.png 22 V3Back.png

Dazu schreibt Moun10Bike auf seiner Seite [[3]] Folgendes:

"This geocoin was designed during the summer of 2005 when the geocoin fever was at its peak. The reverse features a photo I snapped of a sunset seen from Cougar Rock near our cabin on Priest Lake, Idaho, and a quote from Albert Einstein regarding the knowledge revealed by looking deeply into nature (a quote I found fitting given the nature of geocaching!). Outlines of the states of Washington and Idaho adorn the outer rims of the compass, relecting my dual "homes", and once again there is a hidden code on the coin that leads to a special cache that will be placed when the version 4 Moun10Bike Geocoin is ready.

I had 500 of these coins minted by Coins & Pins and the first one was released on October 29, 2005, at an event in Spokane, Washington."

Edition - V4 - 2008

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22 V4Front.png 22 V4Back.png

Die Rückseite ist mittels Niete auf den Metallrohling befestigt. Die Bohrung dieser Rückplatte ist etwas größer als die Niete, so dass das dargestellte Laufrad eines Mountainbikes sich drehen kann.

Dazu schreibt Moun10Bike auf seiner Seite [[4]] Folgendes:

"This coin features a spinning inset on the reverse that models the spokes of a bicycle tire. Attentive observers will see that there is again a secret code embedded in the design.

Two hundred of these coins were minted by Coins & Pins. The first was released on July 13, 2008, in one of Washington State's oldest caches, Monte Cristo (GCBC)."

Edition - V5 - 2011

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22 V5Front.png 22 V5Back.png

"This is the current version of the Moun10Bike Geocoin. It was designed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of geocoins, specifically the placement of the first geocoin in the wild on September 30, 2001 at the now-defunct "Light House Point" cache (GC126C). The reverse features a rendition of the rickety aluminum ladder that once led up to the rocky promontory and an image of the original Moun10Bike Geocoin that was placed there.

Two hundred of these coins have been minted by, and they are not for sale or trade. They are distributed only by placement in caches."

Diese Edition wird in einer extra angefertigten Samtbox aufbewahrt (siehe Bild im Anhang).

Edition - V6 - 2018

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22 V6Front.png 22 V6Back.png

Besonderheiten - V6SE - 2018

Icon Auflage Metallfarbe Farbe Edition-Name Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
22.gif 2 Antik Gold Grün V6 SE Groundspeak - 2018
22.gif 2 Antik Nickel Grün V6 SE Groundspeak - 2018
22.gif 2 Black Nickel Grün V6 SE Groundspeak - 2018

This is the current version of the Moun10Bike Geocoin. It is the first of my coins on which I didn't handle the design and minting processes all on my own; in this instance, the coin was a reward for reaching a certain level in Groundspeak's internal tracking of Lackey caching levels (known as the GeoGuide Program). As a result, the company handled the design work and minting for me.

Two hundred fifty of these coins were produced along with 6 Special Edition coins, the first time SE versions of any of my coins have been produced. The SE coins were gifted to friends and coworkers, and the first of the non-SE versions was given to my good friend Moose Mob on May 20, 2018.

Die Coin ist oval, umgeben wird sie mit einer angedeuteten Fahrradkette. Vorderseitig befinden sich neben dem Moun10Bike Logo ein paar Sehenswürdigkeiten Seattles, auf der Rückseite eine Landschaftsdarstellung. Auch hier befindet sich ein verschlüsselter Code auf der Coin. Laut Aussage von Jon aka Moun10Bike soll dieser Code wiederum einen Mystery-Cache lösen - dieser ist aber Stand July 2020 noch nicht veröffentlicht.


  • Präfix/Prefix:fix: MB
  • Registrierte Trackingcodes/Registered trackingcodes:
  • Groundspeak Icon-Nummer/Icon number: 22, 1687 (V2, nicht genutzt), 1688 (V3, nicht genutzt)
  • Trackbar/Trackable auf mit eigenem Icon/own unique icon 22.gif und Mini-Icon/micro icon 22k.gif


Ursprünglich waren alle Coins von Moun10Bike unter der Icon-Nummer 22 zu tracken, wozu neben den Moun10Bike Geocoins auch drei verschiedene Weihnachts-Coins "Christmas Coinaments" gehörten (2005 bis 2007). Ende 2007 legte Moun10Bike fünf neue Icons für die anderen bis dahin erschienenen Coins an (1687 bis 1691). Erst während des Jahres 2013 wurden die Coinament-Coins den drei erstellten Icons (Nummern 1689 bis 1691) zugeordnet und unter diesen angezeigt. Die Coins der V2 und V3 blieben aber beim ursprünglichen Icon, und für die neueren Versionen wurden bisher keine neuen Icons angelegt (Stand: 01/2015).


Icon Auflage Metallfarbe Farbe Edition-Name Edition Designer Shop Veröffentlicht
22.gif 200 Antik Bronze Rot-Grün-Blau-Gelb V1 LE Moun10Bike - 2001
22.gif 200 Antik Silber Grün v2 LE Moun10Bike - 2004
22.gif 500 Poliertes Silber Grün / Foto auf Rückseite v.3 LE Moun10Bike - 2005
22.gif 200 Antik Silber Grün V4 LE Moun10Bike - 2008
22.gif 200 Antik Silber Grün V5 LE Moun10Bike - 2011
22.gif 250 Antik Silber Grün V6 LE Groundspeak - 2018
22.gif 6 V6SE Grün V6SE LE Groundspeak - 2018


Mountainbike, Fahrrad